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Educational Services

Early Child Development Center| After School Program |  Summer Camp | Behavior Management | Job Readiness | On-the-Job Training | Computer Literacy | Health Awareness

Our programs are uniquely structured to promote self-sufficiency by helping children, families and individuals create a life style behavioral change, free from destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors. Under each program area, Northside Community Involvement Inc. (NCI) offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of the community.

Community Related Services

Community Services Hours | Partner Facilitators | ACCESS (Food Stamps) | Computer Literacy | Work Source | Volunteer/Intern Services | Monthly Awareness Workshops | Referrals I Computer Labs | Medicaid | VA Services

Family Mentoring
The purpose of this service is to encourage and support our families and let them know there is someone who cares about the welfare and nurturing of a healthy family. Imagine a world in which every child is not only wanted and cared for, but is confident, assured and happy. Let’s continue to imagine a world in which a mother or father is shown the tools they need to make this happen. Unfortunately, this is not a reality for many children and families in Jacksonville. This is where we are making a difference by providing our families with a family mentor to encourage and educate them in the areas they may have fallen short.


Faith Based Community
Faith based community services at Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (NCI) are full of love and understanding. We are here to serve as an incubator to those who are neglected, hurting, voiceless, invisible, left behind and lost. Our ultimate goal is to help people live better lives. We are here to support the communities of the 32206, 32207, 32208, 32209 and 32254 areas with the know how to access information they need in their everyday lives. The resources we provide will enable them to utilize our computers for various types of access such as employment and food stamps, as well as, basic computer training. Our services promote behavior modification, conflict resolution, life skills training & a Christian atmosphere. These skills are overseen by a licenced Social Worker, and a Qualified Computer Literacy Trainer.

Social/Human Services

Mentoring | Conflict Resolution Skills | Parenting | Behavioral Management Identifying Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships |Coping with Trauma | Faith-Based Counseling | Intensive Case Management | Assessments | Group Therapy

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