Northside Community Involvement, Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of children, families, and individuals living at or below 80% of the poverty level. We serve those at high risk and emotionally distressed, who struggle to make proactive decisions free from destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors. As a nonprofit organization chartered by the state of Florida, we aim to empower individuals, children, and families from all backgrounds to improve their lives and achieve self-sufficiency and economic stability. Our innovative, client-specific programs are designed to provide the support necessary to reach these goals. 

1) Child Development Center 

2) Resource Center 

3) Boy's W.I.N. Program (Working to Improve the Neighborhood)

4) Adult Literacy and GED Program 

5) W.I.N. Youth Summer Program

6) W.I.N. Parent Training Program

7) Transitional Housing 

1) COMMUNITY FIRST - The families and youth of the Northwest Jacksonville urban community is the only reason why we exist as an organization. We believe that all parents love their children and want the absolute best for them.

2) QUALITY - If we cannot do it with the highest quality and offer the best service, then we will not do it at all.

3) INTEGRITY - Our commitment for honesty and transparency is demonstrated in every action.

4) FAITH LED - Because of our faith in God, we believe and trust His sovereign power to control all situations. Even those situations that may appear to be hopeless in the sight of man.

5) CULTURAL COMPETENCE AND INCLUSION - We will promote understanding and respect of everyone in the community.



Welcome to the Northside Community Involvement, Inc. website. I serve as the Executive Director. I am excited about this journey as I look forward to new opportunities to support the community through service, education and resources. Please feel free to email or call one of the staff to obtain our services.

Thank you, Dr. Eva Hardrick


Northside Community Involvement, Inc. is the faith-based community service and social outreach branch of the Northside Church of Christ. The Northside Church of Christ has always prioritized serving the community, providing a safe haven for the spiritual needs of individuals, children, and families. Recognizing the increasing demand for physical, social, and academic support, the church leadership developed a strategic plan and incorporated Northside Community Involvement, Inc. on December 18, 1995. The organization was granted 501(c)(3) nonprofit status on November 12, 1997. In December 2020, Northside Community Involvement, Inc. proudly celebrated 25 years of dedicated service to the community.