Program Impact & Reporting: 

The program goals and objectives described about will be attained through record keeping and reporting to the lead agency, Northside Community Involvement, Inc. in the form of written requests, reports, photos, meetings and focus groups.

The grant recipients will be recognized and celebrate the achievements various communication channels. This can motivate future applicants and demonstrate the impact of the micro grants program. At the end of the grant cycle, gather feedback from both applicants and the selection committee to identify areas for improvement in the process. Make necessary adjustments to enhance the program's effectiveness and fairness. 


Re-Grant Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants can be a registered nonprofit organization with tax-exempt status. Others may consider both nonprofit and for-profit entities and even individuals. 
  • Applicants to explain and demonstrate how the projects will have a lasting impact beyond the grant period and how they plan to sustain their initiatives.
  • Applicants physical address must be within 15 mile radius of NCI, Inc. and in the following Duval County zip codes 32208, 32218, 32219 and 32226.
  • Collaborations and partnerships are encouraged.
  • List intended beneficiaries for ongoing projects or programs. This can include age groups (e.g., children, youth, adults, adults, seniors), demographic characteristics (e.g., low-income individuals, marginalized communities), or specific populations (e.g., refugees, people with disabilities).
  • Types of projects or initiatives that are eligible for funding. This might include categories such as: education and literacy programs, community development projects, health and wellness (food and gardening), arts and culture endeavors, small business development, social, human services and social justice initiatives).

Program Overview: Northside Community Involvement, Inc. is responsible for guiding qualified agencies to apply for the funds appropriated by the City of Jacksonville for the project goals to stimulate community action and increase agency visibility by broadening the audience for their work. Northside Community Involvement, Inc will contract with qualified individuals and agencies to distribute the funding on a reimbursement basis to develop and enhance program that engage the community in the following areas: crime prevention and intervention efforts; mental health; after school programs; academic development; housing; utility assistance; support group counseling; life-coaching; mentoring; outreach, interventions; and other strategies that provide wraparound services to targeted communities. The sub-recipients will be selected based on the application process. Only applicants from agencies and individuals who reside in the following zip codes: 32208, 32218, 32219, and 32226 are eligible to apply and are in the 15 mile radius of Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (4736 Avenue B, Jacksonville, FL 32209).

Applications are closed as of 06/30/2024

Application and scoring process:

Applicant's Background and History (10 points)

Statement of Problem and Need (15 points)

Project Description, Design, and Delivery (45 points)

Budget with Details and Funding Requirements (20 points)

Evaluation Plan, Impact, Measurement - Expected Outcomes (10 points)