NCI Board of Directors & Management Team:
1. Charlie E. McClendon, President
2. Eva Hardrick, Vice President/Executive Director
3. Genovis Peterson, Treasurer/Finance Director
4. Mary Madison, Asst. Finance Director

5. StanVonna Gaulden, Secretary

6. Patricia Brown, HR/CDC Administrator

7. Al Jackson, PR/ Marketing Director

8. Brenda Smalls, CDC Director

9. Terri Staten, Board Director

10. Corzell White, Board Director

11. Lynn Sherman, Board Director/S2S Director

NCI, Inc. Contacts
NCI Office/Executive Director

Accounting Department

Child Development Center (CDC) Director

CDC Program Administrator

W.I.N. Program

Resource Center


Whether you need more information on our services, want us to reach out to your community, or your have a positive review of one of our programs or employees to share, this is the place to let your voice be heard.

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​​Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (NCI)