What you should know!

Our Core Values

1. Community First - The families and youth of the North West Jacksonville urban community is the only reason why we exist as an organization. We believe that all parents love their children and want the absolute best for them.

2. Quality - If we cannot do it with the highest quality and offer the best service, then we will not do it at all.

3. Integrity - Our commitment for honesty and transparency is demonstrated in every action.

4. Faith Led - Because of our faith in God, we believe and trust His sovereign power to control all situations.  Even those situations that may appear to be hopeless in the sight of man.

5. Cultural Competence and Inclusion - We will promote understanding and respect of everyone in the community.

Every smile beautifies a community.

Northside Community Involvement Inc. is dedicated to improving the lives of children, families, and individuals who are considered living 80% below the poverty level.  We service “At or High Risk" and emotionally damaged persons who are unable to make proactive decisions, free of destructive and sabotaging behaviors. Northside Community Involvement Inc. is a nonprofit organization, chartered by the state of Florida, designed to give individuals, children, and families from all walks of life, a chance to help improve their lives, become self-sufficient, and economically stable citizens. We do this by providing innovative services through our client-specific programs:

1. Child Development Center (CDC) (6wks –12 yrs)

2. Learning Center (K-12 Duval virtual learning students)

3. Resource Center (electronic access to community resources)

4. Sister to Sister Mentoring Program (S2S) (girls ages 8-18)
5. Working to Improve Neighborhoods (WIN) (boys ages 8-18)
6. NCI Academy (K-12 private school)

7. Parent Academy (NCI Academy's parent involvement component)
8. Adult Literacy and GED Program (partnership with The Literacy Alliance of NE Florida)

9. Family Mentoring Program and Support Group (counseling, therapy, and group sessions)

10. Scholarship Program (3.5 GPA or higher, minority heritage, target zip code, desire to attend college, trade, or military)

The primary pillars of NCI, Inc. are educational services, human & social services, and community-related services. NCI’s sole focus is to help create a community that produces and nourishes successful individuals from all walks of life.

About Us

Northside Community Involvement, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded to give children and families a vision and a chance to improve their lives by becoming a vital part of their community. 
​​Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (NCI)