NCI Child Development Center:
Patricia Brown, HR/Administrator
Brenda Smalls, Program Director

What are our Objectives?

​Development of a Positive Self-Concept

  • The child will learn self-respect as he/she is respected and accepted as an important individual.
  • The child will develop a sense of himself/herself as being competent as he/she succeeds in an environment that provides the optimal chances for success.
  • The child will gain confidence in him/her as he/she makes decisions in his/her own play.
  • The child will develop a sense of identity by learning who he/she is in relation to space about him/her, in relation to other members of his/her family, and in relation to the children and staff in the school.

Development of Social Skills

  • The child will develop the ability to tolerate separation from his/her parents.
  • The child will develop the ability to share staff attention with other children.
  • The child will develop the ability to play with other children; accepting leadership from time to time and also contributing his/her own ideas when desirable.

Enhancement of Creativity

  • The child will express his/her own ideas and feelings through the use of self-expressive materials.
  • Creativity in ideas and in problem-solving will be deliberately fostered in the children by the staff.

Building a Foundation

  • The child will build a foundation for future reading skills and other academic goals by being able to express himself/herself verbally by using an expanded vocabulary and by gradually extending the length of his/her sentences.
  • The child will develop his/her intellectual ability by performing a variety of tasks intended to provide practice in particular mental abilities that are relevant to later success in school. 

The NCI Childhood Development Center is dedicated to the concept that preschool children are the focus of the program and as a result the Center advocates for the well-being and positive emotional, social, and educational development of children.

The NCI Child Development Center supports families in their efforts to build parenting skills, provide nurturing environments for children, and promote the success of children as individuals.

Parents are considered partners in extending support for children from the Center to the home.


"A person's a person, no matter how small." 
  — Dr. Seuss

Child Development Center

The mission of the center is to provide a safe, loving child development center that will support parents in developing the educational and spiritual needs of infants and young children. The NCI Child Development Center provides quality, affordable care for children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years old. (904) 768-1344
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