Become An NCI Scholar!

NCI Scholarship Program is designed to recognize students living in the area and attending school who make a 3.5 GPA or above. The requirements for the students are:

~ Must be of a minority heritage

~ Must live in one of NCI's target zip codes

~ Must have a desire to attend college, vocational school or go into the U.S. Military Service

The recommended person is required to have the following three endorsements

~ One endorsement from a teacher, counselor or administrator in the education field

~ One endorsement from a neighbor or a civic organization

~One endorsement from a religious organization

The student must apply for the NCI Scholarship Program by the due dates, February 28-April 30, with a completed application, copy of their report card/transcript and submit a typed essay on why he or she would like to become an NCI Scholar. The student can begin applying to the program while he or she is in the 9th grade and continue to apply until he or she reaches the 12th grade. The 9th-11th graders will receive a certificate, recognition, and a trophy. If selected by the scholarship committee, the graduating seniors will receive the certificate, recognition, a trophy and the scholarship.

The program can include the Military Recruiters looking to recruit high school students who are interested in attending the armed services and attend one of their academies. Other local colleges and universities can also become involved to recruit the students into their academic programs.

NCI Scholarship Program

​​Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (NCI)