​​Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (NCI)

Be Involved!

NCI Parent Academy

NCI Academy's version of the popular parent involvement program, PTA (parent, teacher association) will involve the parents in all aspects of the child's education.

When Parents Show They Care, Children Thrive

The NCI Parent Academy is an essential component of the NCI Academy composed of Advisory Board Members, community members, parents of the students attending NCI Academy and teachers. The NCI Parent Academy is similar to the PTA organization; however, the model is more engaging for the participants. The parents and guardians will learn their parenting styles through a series of workshops and courses to help develop knowledge, skills, and networks for leading their child's education. The NCI Parent Academy will be come an advocate for a better education and life for their children as well as for themselves. The NCI Academy parent will know their children's strengths and weaknesses and how their child interacts with other students as well as the teachers and administrators. The NCI Academy participants will understand how school, home, and the community for the children are intertwined. With the interactive technology available to everyone today, the parents will be able to attend a face-to-face meeting with the teacher, administrator, parent and child.