Family Mentoring Program & Support Group

Families come in all forms. Some of the current families represent divorce parenting, remarriage, adoption, and the choice to be a single parent. The definition of "the average family" has changed.

Another significant change is the support network parents once enjoyed from the extended family members who lived nearby or under the same roof. NCI Family Mentoring Program and Support Group will provide an outlet for the parents to meet the demands of family life. Counseling and therapy sessions may be necessary in some instances when people are in need of resources to assist them in major transitions to move forward and balance their work and family life.

NCI can provide resources and positive methods to parent children from birth through teenage years; childcare and eldercare; and resources to connect to existing services available to the families living in this area.  It is time to rebuild our community and family dynamics and become responsible for our families. Remember the goals and mission of Northside Community Involvement, Inc. are to educate, to empower, and to build healthier communities.

​​Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (NCI)