Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (NCI)

Families & Children Intervention

FCI - Families and Children Intervention Program:

April Baker, FCI Program Director
Claytonia Johnson, Lead Social Worker

What are of Objectives?

​ Is designed to strengthen and empower families to protect and nurture their own children and to safely preserve the family unit. We do this by helping individuals, children and families become better managers of their lives by creating a lifestyle behavior change which will modulate responsible, self-supporting, self-sufficient caring citizens. To accomplish our goal, the services Families & Children Intervention provides are but not limited to:

• Innovatively Changing and Renewing Lives
• Practical Day to Day Living Training
• Behavior Management
• Counseling 
• Adult Mentor
• Youth Mentor
• Family Support
• Community Resource Center
• Affordable Transitional Housing
• Job Readiness Skills
• Self Development Workshops
• Family Building Workshops